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Kyoya Otori
24 June 2007 @ 10:39 pm
I've been seeing nothing but white hospital walls.


i feel lonesome.

never has host club duties seemed more desirable.

it's better than this.

i hate the fact that i have no other communication save for ouranparody. even if it IS insane. for some reason i feel a surge of gratitude towards the twins.

*makes a note to leave kink and pr0n stash later*

that is all.

also: I've never been more bored. -_-
Kyoya Otori
11 December 2006 @ 10:55 pm
ouranparody is in deep shit trouble.

according to my reliable sources, mordredthegreat has created yet another disaster that i must now clean up. why do i always have to get everyone out of trouble, eh?

things must be put right immediately. is anyone signing up? i'm sure that Tamaki would love to keep seeing his appearance on a computer virus wreaking havoc.
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Kyoya Otori
30 September 2006 @ 09:43 am
current dilemmas in ouranparody:

a computer virus (a.k.a. mordredthegreat) is attacking and wants my blood (or rather, just me. ugh.)

Tamaki has hooked up with a french pastry. WOE!!!

Kaoru and Haruhi are having twins. (not that it's a dilemma.)

my sister has discovered the community. (again, not a problem at all. i do miss her.)

miyabi's back. (aaaaagh stupid computer antiviruses don't work.)

the girls from Robelia are here too. shouldn't they be banned or something, since they're so against the host club?

haruhi's ID has been wreaking GOOD havoc in the comm. can't get rid of her. not that we really need to. *smirk*

my life IS twisted. -_-

Kyoya Otori
01 July 2006 @ 09:21 am
ouranparody has gone insane.

Ranka-san is hiding all Haruhi's boy clothes, so perhaps i will have to purchase some new ones for Haruhi( all, of course, at her expense and added to her debt).

....i'll make sure that they have at least SOME class.

in between teh twins suddenly going on a rampage and actually hitting on me (WTF) Haruhi's account somehow seems to have been hacked.

You know i'm saying this only to placate Haruhi. in reality, of course, there has to be something up with this schizophrenic tendency.

miyabi seems to have gone on a hiatus. thank GOD.

and little miss Renge along with him. all i can say is....GOOD.

*sigh* now i have to do some damage control, since the community went haywire after my business trip. if i hadn't found out...

Kyoya Otori
19 May 2006 @ 08:19 am
first of all:

the hitachiin brothers have moved up in my standngs. as well as Nekozawa-senpai, but then again, he was never low in my standings anyway. i very much apprciate his innate ability to freak out Tamaki with his voodoo.

for now, i'd wish to show a little appreciation to the twins for freaking out and picking on Tamaki, annoying Renge, and for having a low opinion of Miyabi(i mean, hello, a DATING SIM on LJ? What the fuck?!). little things, but i'm glad the twins do all this mayhem or ouranparody wouldn't be doing as well as it is now. *chuckles*

sorry, i'm being flippant when i meant to be serious. Hikaru, Kaoru, i am thanking both of you. if there's a way i can better express my gratitude to you aside from this....well forget it. this is all you're gonna get.

i'll be out on the afternoon of May 19, the entire day of May 20, and until 6 pm on Sunday. business trip. i'm sorry to say i won't be able to post on the community for a while.

a few things i'd like to say:

Hikaru, Kaoru: keep annoying Renge. and Tamaki. and try to figure out how the heck Miyabi's posting on our community.

Nekozawa-senpai: i'd appreciate your watching over Tamaki and any antics he may create in my absence. if anything happens to him, take any measures you feel necessary.

Renge: leave me alone.

Miyabi: whatever.

Tamaki: ..........make sure you don't get yourself into too much trouble. Nekozawa-senpai is watching over you.

Honey: get touch with Mori-senpai. i think that he's supposed to be on the community but he hasn't posted.

thanks and i'll see you all in a few days.

//Kyoya Otori
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Kyoya Otori
15 May 2006 @ 04:37 pm
i haven't been here for a while. ah well.

Tamaki's made his first post on ouranparody. frankly, i think he's practically BEGGING the twins to manipulate him and Haruhi.

honestly? maybe he's suffering from delusions of grandeur.

Nekozawa's joined as well.thank goodness he's being a little..normal?
well, normal for him, anyway. i consider him a good asset to the club in a sense, and i'm still grateful for his letting us use his private beach for free.

however, i'm sure Tamaki's rather freaked out by him, and i'm glad of it. not many people can scarew Tamaki that badly. he needs to be brought down to earth every so often.

on the other hand, Tamaki's got this little war thing going on with Honey. i think he's gone mad.

and so has Honey. he's got that creepy dark look.

i can either: "a", call Mori-senpai to wheedle Honey (however creepy it may be) or "b", let Honey attack Tamaki as much as he wants.

i think i'm going with option "b". after all, it doesn't involve me. i'll just let them handle it.

on another note, Ichijo Miyabi has gotten into the community. i don't know how he did it, but he's there. ah well. as long as he's off romancing Renge and wheedling her, if ever, then i don't particularly care.

although i have to say that the amount of hearts in his posts are getting annoying. as well as his presumptuous opinion that i want to be like him. apparently he thinks i'm an impostor of him. the ill misfortune that i look like a dating sim. specifically, Renge's dating sim.

He needs to get it in his head that i am perfectly happy the way i am, thankyouverymuch. he implies that i am a lost, unhappy soul who wishes for direction.

suure. and the word "annoying" isn't in the dictionary. *sarcasm*

now if there's nothing else to discuss here i must go back to the community and watch the fireworks.
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Kyoya Otori
10 May 2006 @ 07:02 pm
i cannot believe those twins REAALLY manipulated those photos of me and Tamaki in ouranparody.

now Renge has doujinshis being made about us.

i. blame. the. Hitachiin. brothers.

note to self: make sure that none of those doujinshis fall into the hands of any Ouran Koukou female students or else they will start requesting me and Tamaki together. which, on my part, is not a good thing.

unless of course, the sales pick up dramatically. then perhaps i'll think about it.

but no. one official homo pairing in the club (namely, the twins) is enough. Good Lord.

such troublesome kids.

one good thing out of all this: Renge's promised to give me 35% of her sales when she publishes those doujins.

which is good, actually. i was willing to negotiate until 30%, but when she suggested 35%, i jumped at the opportunity. heh.

oh well. now i must go back to plotting the destruction of the Hitachiin brothers' family fortune.
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Kyoya Otori
10 May 2006 @ 01:09 pm
troublesome, really.

it's a good thing i found out what the twins were up to in the LJ community (ouranparody) they created.

now i have to go and do some damage control.

i wonder what would be the best way for me to completely ruin their family fortunes.
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